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Dating as a senior citizen

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As you get older, it can be hard to find a new romantic partner. Many times, the constraints of middle and older age mean that there are fewer available singles in your social group, and you can often feel awkward heading to singles venues if you are much older that most of the crowd. Dating lines can be a great way to meet someone special. Here are some tips to help your dating experience go more smoothly. Practise expaining your relationship history succintly When you are dating as a senior, it’s only to be expected that you may have had some serious relationships, and divorces or death have now left you single. However, the poor person on the other end of the phone doesn’t want to spend 20 minutes listening to you complaining about how your ex never paid child support, so practise a short but sweet summary that makes it clear you are ready, willing and able to get back in the dating pool. Approach this as you would making any new friend While you are both on a dating line to find a new partner, don’t treat the calls as a spouse job interview. Take the chance to learn more about what they enjoy doing and how they think about the world to see if you seem like you could be compatible. Dating lines offer a unique opportunity to focus only on each other’s personality, so take the opportunity to explore their personality while on a call. Take it off line While the dating line is a great way to meet people, if you think you’ve truly got a great connection, don’t wait too long to meet them in person. Playing hard to get only attracts other people who like to play games, and seniors who are seriously dating are usually eager to meet other emotionally mature partners. Follow the normal tips for a ‘blind’ date including meeting in a public place and letting people know where you are headed, but also relax and enjoy the date. If you have limited mobility, it can be worth getting a carer to bring you along to a convenient spot to meet such as a park or local cafe. Everyone deserves to have a chance at finding love, whichever season of their life they are in. Why not sign up for a dating line now and see where the experience takes...

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Appropriate Gifts For A Baby In The NCU

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For parents whose baby is born early, or ill, the initial days of parenthood are fraught with even more nervousness than normal. Feelings of joy and mixed with feelings of trepidation, and friends and family can be so nervous with the implications of the situation that they avoid acknowledging the birth at all. This can be very isolating for parents of a newborn so make a point to acknowledge and celebrate the arrival of this new little baby. Here are some ideas that will make sure your friends feel showered in love for their new baby: Extra small newborn clothes While your friends may have plenty of small newborn clothes put to one side, a premature baby can still be swimming in those initial clothes. Find out the length and weight of the baby and find a little sleep suit or onesie that fits perfectly. Many times the baby will be in an incubator with temperature control and sites for IV drips so a short sleeve or singlet suit is ideal. It can let the parents dress their baby in something ‘from home’ that fits properly and doesn’t overly emphasise the baby’s small size. Teddies While a common gift, if the parents are feeling a lack of attention from friends and family a soft and cuddly teddy can give them something to cuddle when they can’t be in the ICU with their baby and a placeholder to put in the crib while waiting for their baby to make it home. Teddies can make the nursery seem welcoming and be used as gorgeous decor. Make a point to find a chew safe teddy with no buttons or items that can be gnawed off as the child starts teething later on. Warm swaddling rugs When the baby finally comes home, there are often extra precautions around keeping the baby warm. Small babies may have issues controlling their body temperature as well as older babies so warm natural fibred swaddles in wool and cashmere mixes can help keep baby warm on outings. For an extra thoughtful touch why not get the blanket monogrammed with the child’s name or initial so that it can be a cherished keepsake. The birth of a baby is a blessing. The rocky road of the NICU requires much support for the parents and child, and a thoughtful baby gift can be a great source of emotional support for the family. To learn more, contact a company like Baby Barn Discounts with any questions you...

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